Why Younger Women Are Choosing Facelifts

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Why Younger Women Are Choosing Facelifts

When you think of a woman having a facelift done you probably think of an older woman or a Hollywood celebrity. But the truth is facelift procedures have been rising in popularity among younger women in their 30’s and 40’s. In this article, we explore the reasons women are choosing to have facelifts performed at a younger age to help you consider whether a facelift procedure is right for you.

Genetics Often Play A Role In Choosing To Have A Facelift

Many young women who choose to have a facelift done do so not because of aging, but rather because of genetics. Issues such as sagging cheeks and jowls are often caused by a genetic problem and can be addressed easily with a facelift. Correcting problem areas that are caused by genetics can improve your overall self-esteem and confidence.

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Preventing Problem Areas From Worsening Over Time

Identifying and correcting problem areas early on can also help prevent the problem area from worsening as you age. Although it is important to note that a facelift will not stop the natural aging process and the results are not permanent. Correcting issues at a younger age simply means you are more likely to need only a secondary refresher surgery in your 50’s or 60’s rather than the more invasive full procedure.

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Facelifts vs. Fillers

While most plastic surgeons offer less invasive procedures such as dermal fillers in their office, many women who are choosing to get a facelift done while they are still in their youth have already considered or have tried using fillers instead of choosing surgery. Some women choose surgery because of the long-lasting results a facelift can provide rather than opting for several short-term solutions such as fillers. Other women simply prefer the results of a facelift procedure over the results of fillers. Facelift technology has advanced so much that surgeons are now able to examine the underlying bone structure and restore fat compartments using smaller incisions that produce natural looking results.

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Younger Facelift Patients May Have An Easier Recovery

Some younger facelift patients may experience an easier recovery because of the natural resilience and recovering ability of a younger body. As we age, our bodies naturally slow down during the recovery process which is often a major factor to consider when deciding whether an older patient is a good candidate for surgery. Patients who choose a facelift procedure when they are younger also have the benefit of more naturally elastic skin, which can help yield better results.

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