Top 4 Reasons Men Choose A Localized Z-Plasty Over A Face or Neck Lift

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Top 4 Reasons Men Choose A Localized Z-Plasty Over A Face or Neck Lift

As men age, the neck tends to loosen, leaving you with sagging skin and the dreaded ‘turkey gobbler.’ You can correct this with a traditional neck or facelift, but for those that prefer to focus specifically on the neck area, a Z-Plasty may be the way to go.

Here are 4 reasons why some men prefer a localized Z-Plasty:

Short Operating Time

The operating time for a Z-Plasty is can be as low as 60-90 minutes, having you back home within hours after operation. During surgery, excess skin and fat are removed from the front of the neck and the muscles are tightened. The incision is closed using sutures in a Z-shape method to improve healing and allow the scar to be less visible.

Local Anesthesia

This procedure produces great results with general anesthesia and/or light sedation making it much less expensive than a traditional neck or face lift. Topical antibiotics and a pressure dressing may be applied post-surgery to minimize the chance of any complications.

Brief Recovery Period

The average recover post-surgery is 7-10 days. On day one, you may have mild bruising and swelling around the incision area. By day two swelling tends to subside and you can go back to work on day 3 or 4. By day 7, you should be able to return full activity level, including shaving.

Low Complication Rate

The likelihood of complications from a Z-Plasty are low. The most common type of complications when they do occur include infection or bleeding. By strictly following Dr. Rieger’s pre-op and post-op instructions your chance of a successful surgery are irrefutable.

If you are unhappy with your aging neck and looking to restore your youthful appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rieger, board-certified plastic surgeon, at Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery. As one of the best plastic surgeons of men in the Tampa area, you can trust him to achieve the highest quality results and look your best. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about Z-Plasty and if this is the right procedure for you.