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Latest Procedure: Gel Shaped Breast Implants “Gummy Bear Implants”

“Gummy bear implants,” such as the Style 410 implants from Allergan, are perhaps the most talked-about silicone breast implants available today.
These implants were developed to address some of the shortcomings of currently available silicone gel implants. The silicone in these implants is form stable, does not flow, and the implant maintains it shape.

The gel in a traditional silicone implant has a give to it. When the implant is in the vertical position, the gel gradually shifts toward the bottom. This leads to loss of upper pole fullness and rippling which may be visible and/or palpable; therefore silicone gel does not perform well in a shaped implant.

The style 410 implant is made with silicone that has 3% more cross-linking and it is thus more viscous. The silicone does not flow, it is form stable and has an anatomic (tear-drop) shape. This anatomically shaped implant maintains its shape in all positions. The shell does not fold. Thus the upper pole remains full even in the upright position and there is minimal rippling.

Why these implants are called “Gummy Bear” implants?

Shaped Implant

A firmer “gummy bear” texture allows the implant to hold its shape.  Made with cohesive silicone gel, the implants have a consistency that was previously unavailable in any breast implant. Most silicone breast implants have a silicone gel that feels like honey, while the Style 410 is more like a gummy bear. For this reason, people have nick-named them “gummy bear implants.”