Restore Fullness and Correct Lower Eyelid Hollowness with a Midface Lift or Cheek Lift

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Restore Fullness and Correct Lower Eyelid Hollowness with a Midface Lift or Cheek Lift

As you age, fat compartments in your face can drop, which can cause a sunken appearance to the under-eye area. Facial fillers are one option that can help reverse the changes and add volume back to the area, however the results are temporary (10-15 months) but they may not be the right solution for everyone.

A midface lift, also called a cheek lift is another effective procedure to help reduce lower eyelid hollowness if facial fillers are not encouraged. Traditionally a midface lift is performed to restore fullness to the midface by repositioning the soft tissue of the cheek to a higher position on the cheek bone, giving the face a more youthful appearance. At the same time, the hollow appearance of the lower eyelid is minimized.
The results of a midface or cheek lift are more permanent than those offered by fillers and injectables. The recovery from a midface lift is also quicker than a traditional facelift.
There are several different techniques for a midface lift — the eyelid approach offering the most improvement of lower eyelid hollowing and smoothing of the eyelid-cheek area. The procedure can be performed through a small incision at the outer corner of the eye and another incision on the inner eyelid.

Lower eyelid hollowing is not always due to fat content, it can also be due to a deficiency of the cheek and orbital bones. In this case, an implant underneath the lower eyelid or cheek may be necessary to improve the hollowed appearance.

Of course, each case is unique and Dr. Reiger will work with you to determine the course that’s best for you.

What You Need to Know about Midface or Cheek Lift Surgery:

• A midface or cheek lift procedure may take 2 or more hours to complete.
• The procedure is performed with local anesthesia or with general anesthesia.
• The incisions are typically well-concealed and barely visible.
• The procedure may result in some temporary discomfort, bruising and swelling.
• The sutures can be removed after 5-7 days if not dissolvable.
• The recovery period typically lasts 7-10 days.
• Highly strenuous activity can resume after 4 weeks or when cleared by Dr. Rieger

Dr. Rieger Can Give You a More Permanent Solution to Correct Lower Eyelid Hollowness

As a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Rieger can provide you with a plan that fits your personal needs and delivers the results that you are looking for. Call us today to set up a consultation to review your lower eyelid hollowness and discover what solutions will be best for you.