Is Your Child A Candidate For Otoplasty Surgery?

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Is Your Child A Candidate For Otoplasty Surgery?

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures received by children is one that corrects protruding ears by “pinning” back the ears. In fact, otoplasty procedures are typically performed on children between the ages of 4 and 14, although adults can get the procedure too. If you have been considering otoplasty surgery for your child, this article will give you information to help you decide whether your child is a good candidate.

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure in which the pinna, or the outer ear is reshaped to correct the size, shape, or protrusion and improve the overall appearance of the ear. Ears can be considered prominent if they extend more than two centimeters from the side of the head. An otoplasty procedure reshapes the cartilage by creating missing folds and positioning the ear closer to the head.

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What Causes Protruding Ears?

Ears are usually positioned on the side of the head at an angle between 20 and 35-degrees. If the angle of the positioning of the ear is greater than 35-degrees, the ear will appear to “protrude” out further than normal. Protruding ears affect approximately five percent of the general population. Protruding ears can occur for several reasons including overdevelopment of the cartilage, underdevelopment of the cartilage, and injury.

Reasons Children Get Otoplasty Surgery

No parent ever wants to think of the possibility of their child being the target of bullying. Unfortunately, children often become the target of bullies for reasons outside of their own control. The appearance of protruding ears or ears that make a child look different from other children often leads to a child being bullied. This bullying can lead to lowered self-esteem and can have lifelong psychological impacts on a child. Because of this, parents of children who have protruding ears may allow their child to have surgery to pin their ears back.

How To Know If Your Child Is Ready For Otoplasty Surgery

There are several factors to consider when determining whether your child is ready for otoplasty surgery. The decision to choose otoplasty surgery should be that of the child’s, and not one they feel pressured into by their parents. Children should be mature enough to understand the procedure and to cooperate with instructions provided by their surgeon and their parents during their recovery. Your child’s ears should also be fully developed at the time of surgery, which is usually around the age of five. Finally, your child will also need to be in overall good physical health to be a candidate for otoplasty surgery.

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If your child has expressed an interest in having their ears pinned back or if you have been considering otoplasty for your child contact Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rieger today. Dr. Rieger is experienced in working with the unique needs of children throughout the plastic surgery process and can help you determine whether otoplasty is right for your child. Contact us online or by calling us at (813) 254-7600.