How An Eyelid Lift Surgery Can Help Correct Saggy & Baggy Eyelids

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How An Eyelid Lift Surgery Can Help Correct Saggy & Baggy Eyelids

Many people with sagging or baggy eyelids may wonder if there is a cosmetic surgery available to help them correct these issues. Sagging and baggy eyelids are a result of the natural aging process and occurs as the skin around the eyelids lose elasticity and gravity takes over. While issues surrounding the eyelid are often corrected for cosmetic reasons, there are also instances in which eyelid lifts are performed to correct medical issues, such as vision problems in the elderly. Here is what you should know if you are interested in an eyelid lift surgery:

What Is An Eyelid Lift?

An eyelid lift surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, removes excess skin around the eyelids and reduces the appearance of sagging or baggy skin. An eyelid lift can correct issues with the gathering of excess skin causing wrinkles around the eyelid and can also remove excess skin on the upper eyelids that hang down and impact vision. There are three different types of eyelid surgery:

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery – this procedure targets excess skin on the upper eyelids only and is typically performed to improve vision that is impaired by bagging skin or improve the appearance of the eye because of genetics or aging. This procedure can provide a more open, rounded appearance of the eye.
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery – this procedure targets sagging or baggy skin on the lower eyelids only and is typically performed to improve the appearance of the eyes by removing wrinkles or correcting baggy skin around the eyes.
  • Double Eyelid Surgery – this procedure is used to make the eyes look wider and larger by making a crease in the upper eyelid.

The type of eyelid surgery that is right for you varies based on your needs and overall health. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you determine which procedure is best for your needs.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For An Eyelid Surgery?

Historically, eyelid surgery procedures were common among elderly patients whose vision was impacted by sagging and loose skin around the upper eyelids. However, over the past few years the procedure has grown in popularity all over the world. Popularity of the procedure began to grow as Korean celebrities began having the procedure done and popularity expanded throughout East Asia. Today, blepharoplasty is among the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries in countries all over the world, including the U.S. The ideal candidate for eyelid surgery should be in good overall health and have realistic goals for the results of the surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Consultations With Tampa’s Best Plastic Surgeon

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