How A Facelift Helps Eliminate Signs Of Aging

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How A Facelift Helps Eliminate Signs Of Aging

Aging is a process that everyone starts experiencing the moment they are born. Some aging is a great thing! We learn to walk, take care of ourselves, and gain knowledge that assists us in creating adult lives that are fruitful and fulfilling. However, even in those amazing lives, aging might show up as physical, visible signs on our faces. While some people believe you should just live with those signs, there is an alternative. If you find yourself considering a facelift in Ruskin due to a little too much age showing, Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery Center can help.

Just to be very clear, there are a couple things that a facelift will not do. First, it does not stop the aging process. Once you have had a facelift in Ruskin, you will continue to age, so proper care of your skin even after your procedure is critical. Second, a facelift will not change your appearance. It will just enhance it. You will still look like yourself – only younger!

So, what results can you actually expect from your facelift in Ruskin? The basic answer is, the visible signs of aging on your face and neck will be improved. Some of the issues that are commonly addressed are sagging in the middle of the face, creases from the nose to corners of the mouth, fallen or displaced fatty tissue, a double chin, loss of muscle tone in the lower face, and creases below the lower eyelids. After the healing is complete from your procedure, your face will have a more toned and youthful appearance.

If you think that a facelift in Ruskin might be the answer you are looking for to take a few years off of your appearance, contact Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery Center to discuss the procedure and your potential results.