Facelift Or Neck Lift? Which One Is Right For You?

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Facelift Or Neck Lift? Which One Is Right For You?

A facelift and neck lift are two of the most popular procedures used for minimizing the effects of aging on the face and neck. But what are the similarities and differences between the two procedures, and which procedure is right for you? Read on for the information you need to help you choose between a facelift, neck lift, or both.

A Facelift Does Not Target Your Entire Face

Many people get confused about the areas of the face that a facelift targets. Many people assume a facelift will target all areas of the face, including the forehead and eyes. However, a traditional facelift will focus on only the lower area of your face from the cheeks downward. During a facelift, incisions are typically made in front of and behind the ear. A facelift can focus on areas of the neck, but in a different way than a neck lift does. A neck lift focuses only on areas under your chin. These areas include your chin, jowls, jaw line, and the base of your neck. During a neck lift, the location of the incisions vary. On some occasions, a neck lift will require an incision in front of and behind the ear. On other occasions, a neck lift may also require an incision to be made below the chin. The placement of the incisions is based on the needs of the patient.

The Significant Age Reversing Effects Of A Facelift And A Neck Lift

While there are differences between a facelift and a neck lift procedure, there are also a few similarities. To begin with, the two procedures offer similar results. Both procedures target sagging skin and weak muscles that surround the face and neck. Both procedures also offer patients a significant and instant reduction of signs of aging. In fact, both procedures are often combined into a single procedure to provide significant reversals of the signs of aging. Additionally, both procedures are able to produce results that are long-lasting. Finally, both procedures are similar in their degrees of invasiveness and recovery.

Facelift, Neck Lift, Or Both?

There are many factors to consider when determining whether a facelift, a neck lift, or both procedures are right for you. The right procedure for you is based on the issues you want to target and the results you want to achieve. To mimic the results at home, try this:

  • Place your fingers at the top of your cheekbones and push the skin up and back to mimic a facelift.
  • Place your fingers below your jawline and push the skin up and back to mimic a neck lift.

Many patients choose to have both procedures performed together at one time. Ultimately, consulting with a highly skilled plastic surgeon is the best way to determine which procedures are right for you.

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