En Bloc Removal: What is It? Do I Need One?

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En Bloc Removal: What is It? Do I Need One?

En bloc removal is the removal of the capsule and the implant in one piece, with the implant still within the balloon of the capsule. The capsule is the scar your body forms around an implant as a defense mechanism to a foreign object (the implant) being in your body. This is a natural reaction and, in most cases will not change the way your implants look or feel. If a capsule is good, you won’t feel it. If your implant feels hard, then the capsule has thickened or calcified, which is called capsular contracture.

A capsulectomy is the removal of the capsule around the implant. This procedure is typically performed when:

  • There is a capsular contracture and it’s assumed the capsule is infected, thickened or calcified.
  • You are permanently removing the implant.

When a patient makes the decision to remove their breast implants, whether for personal reasons or a medical malfunction, Dr. Reiger will attempt an en bloc removal. There are instances where en bloc is not possible, such as:

  • If the capsule is too thin or delicate to remove in one piece.
  • If the capsule is adhering to vital tissues in your body.

Breast implant removal is a personal decision. If you have decided to remove your implants and you do not want them replaced, you could be a candidate for en bloc removal. The only way to know if an en bloc removal is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rieger at Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery. Call us today to set up your consultation.