Considering A Chin Implant? Here Is What You Should Know

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Considering A Chin Implant? Here Is What You Should Know

A well-defined chin and jawline are essential to properly balancing the symmetry of the face. Improving the chin profile with a chin implant  is one of the fastest growing types of plastic surgery. The procedure helps improve an individual’s facial profile. Customized implants are used to add strength to a weak or recessed chin, strengthen the jawline, and create facial harmony. Here is what you should know if you are considering chin enhancement surgery:

Improve Your Facial Profile With A Chin Implant

Chin implant surgery is a popular choice among both men and women. Patients consider this procedure when they are bothered by a disproportionate facial profile caused by a weak or recessed chin. Chin augmentation can be used to:

  • Correct a weak chin
  • Reduce a large chin
  • Move a recessed chin forward
  • Improve definition in the neck and jawline
  • Improve facial balance, making the chin more proportionate with other facial features
  • Reduce the appearance of a “double” chin that is caused by a small chin bone

Men often consider a chin implant surgery to obtain a stronger, more masculine jawline that is associated with success. Women often consider the procedure to balance the symmetry of their facial profile. Chin implants are highly durable and designed to last a lifetime. Chin augmentation is often chosen instead of using fillers or grafting because of the procedure’s long-lasting results. A board-certified plastic surgeon can help you determine whether a chin implant surgery is right for you.

What To Expect During A Chin Implant Surgery

A chin augmentation is an outpatient cosmetic procedure in which an implant is placed on top of your chin bone. This implant improves the size and shape of the chin and creates naturally balanced symmetry of the facial profile. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. During a chin implant surgery a small incision is made either inside the mouth or underneath the chin. This incision gives the plastic surgeon access to the chin bone. The plastic surgeon then inserts the customized implant into the incision. The procedure is completed by closing the incision with sutures and bandaging the chin.

When a chin augmentation surgery is performed alone, the procedure takes about an hour to complete. The recovery time for a chin augmentation is relatively short when compared to other plastic surgery procedures. Many patients can return to work within the first week. Results will appear to be nearly complete after only a few months. Results are considered final after six to twelve months, when excess swelling has healed.

Meet Tampa’s Best Plastic Surgeon To Discuss Whether A Chin Implant Is Right For You

If you want to improve your facial profile and are considering a chin implant, contact Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule your consultation with Dr. Frank Rieger. Dr. Rieger is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in the Tampa area with more than 30-years’ experience. Dr. Rieger has not only helped patients throughout Tampa, but also attracts patients from throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Dr. Rieger will review your needs and goals and help you determine if a chin implant is right for you. Call us at (813) 254-7600 or contact us online to schedule your confidential consultation.