Does Having A Breast Augmentation Rule Out Breastfeeding?

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Does Having A Breast Augmentation Rule Out Breastfeeding?

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Many of the women that seek to have breast augmentation in Westchase are younger women that are in their childbearing years. The question exists as to whether or not it is possible or even safe to breastfeed a child following breast augmentation surgery. With an experienced plastic surgeon, the surgery can be performed so that the physical ability to breastfeed is not hindered.  At Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery Center we have that experience.

If you are planning on having children and breastfeeding at some point following your beast augmentation in Westchase, the choice of a surgeon is critical. The milk ducts and nerves in the breast must remain intact for breastfeeding to be possible. Your surgeon should have performed this surgery many times with positive results. While surgery results can never be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances, experience and previous results of the surgeon are a good indicator of your results.

One of the other concerns with breastfeeding after breast augmentation in Westchase has been the leakage of the implant filler into the breast milk and then its consumption by the infant. There have been no random studies to find how common this scenario might be. However, every patient that has undergone breast augmentation should be monitoring the implants for any changes and following-up with their surgeon as instructed. By taking these simple precautions, the risk of leakage to the infant will be very limited.

It might seem like you need to put off your breast augmentation in Westchase until you have completed your family. However, by contacting a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon, you can have the body you want today without jeopardizing your ability to breastfeed in the future. Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery Center will be sure you have all of the facts to make the best decision for you.