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We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality results in a warm, friendly, and down to earth environment. We are dedicated to providing each of our patients with an excellent cosmetic surgery experience from start to finish.

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Hyde Park Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr. Frank Rieger is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida. He is widely lauded for his excellence in cosmetic surgery and has been in practice philosophy for over 33 years.

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Before & After

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Rieger’s continued goal is to combine the best of surgery and artistic interpretation to give his patients the most satisfying desired result.

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Awards & Distinctions

Dr. Rieger’s passion for perfection is reflected in the outstanding results he achieves for his patients. This excellence has earned him many awards and distinctions throughout the industry and his community.

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Patient Info

We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible with their procedures. We have gathered information, so you know what to expect from your consultation all the way through your recovery.

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Procedures & Treatments


Dr. Rieger is proud to have performed more than 3,000 breast surgeries. Breast surgery improves the overall balance of breasts to one another in terms of size, shape, and youthful appearance. Patients may choose to lift the breasts, reduce breast size, enlarge with implants, or have revisions made.


Dr. Rieger is proud to have performed more than 1,500 tummy tucks and body makeovers. Body Makeover surgeries are designed to create a firm appearance of the body. This is done by reducing or enlarging targeted areas of the body to bring them into a balanced proportion and symmetry.


Dr. Rieger is proud to have performed more than 1,000 facial surgeries during his years in practice. Facial surgery creates beautiful harmony in facial features such as the ears, nose, chin, face, and neck. Tasteful improvement in regaining a more youthful appearance may also be the goal in facial surgery.

Medical Spa

In addition to the many surgical procedures available at Dr. Frank Rieger’s practice, we are happy to provide you with several non-invasive services for your skin care needs. Treatments include Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Chemical Peels.

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