Breast Augmentation

Things You Will Need To Determine Prior to Choosing a Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Tampa, Florida

Choosing a “Cup Size” Before Having Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is the insertion of a breast prosthesis that is constructed from a silicone bag, under the sub mammary or under the breast tissue or the sub pectoral area of the breast or chest cavity. The prosthesis or bag is inserted first, then it is filled with saline to the cup size that the patient has opted for. The breast implant will increase the cup size and allow for improved contour in the breast. Silicone implants are also an option. Read more about silicone and saline implants.

Breast augmentation surgery is often either the result of either wanting to increase bust size or fullness, or it can also be the result of having had a mastectomy or other breast disease that has altered the breast. Patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery will decide prior to the surgery, what cup size they will want to achieve. Because bras are not all made the same, it is helpful to show your breast surgeon photos of the look you would like to achieve, coupling this with simulating the implant by filling plastic bags with the desired ounces of fluid, then placing them in a bra. Your breast surgeon may have other aids that can help you to determine the size and the look that you want to achieve. Breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy, may opt to have breast reconstructive surgery directly after their mastectomy but if an implant or prosthesis is used, the patient is subject to the same risks and complications as those who use them for breast augmentation. There is also a higher rate of tightening or hardening of the scar tissue around the implants. Breast surgery, augmentation or reconstructive surgery patients who have undergone a mastectomy require more care and procedures than one who is seeking to simply increase the size of their breasts through augmentation.

If you have decided to go forth with breast augmentation, before you visit a breast augmentation surgeon in Tampa, remember that you should not be influenced by anyone as to what cup size is best, or even if you should have the surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is a very personal choice, and you should make your own decisions with the help of your cosmetic or reconstructive surgeon.

Smooth or Textured Breast Implants?

Smooth implants are breast implants that requires your breast surgeon to create a large pocket for the prosthesis to fit in to. Smooth implants are more likely to cause incidence of capsule contracture or tightening around the breast implant causing the appearance of firmness or hardness and rarely causes wrinkling or rippling on the exterior of the breast.

Rough implants are just as they sound and have a rough or textured surface and although they are associated with a lesser incidence of tightening, there is an increased risk of tearing and rippling.

Submammary or subpectoral Breast Augmentation

A slightly more difficult surgical placement is under the chest muscle (submuscular or subpectoral) but this position is associated with a lower incidence of capsule contracture and slightly less occurrence of rippling. There is more pain postoperatively than with a submammary placement.

Sub-mammary or sub-glandular breast augmentation requires that the breast implant is placed above the muscle of the breast.
Sub-pectoral or sub muscular is when the implant is placed under the muscle. Both sub-pectoral and sub-mammary end up in the sub-mammary positon because it the implant is only partially covered by muscle.If placed under the pectoral major, the are only truly a subpectoral in the upper and medial area of the augmented breast. The lower and lateral placement of the implant is actually in a sub mammary position.
Sub-pectoral breast augmentation surgery is often referred to as a “dual plane” breast augmentation. Subpectoral breast implants are easier to see under mammography scans and provides a bit more tissue to conceal the implant and to allow for a more natural look.
Total submuscular breast augmentation requires the breast implant to be positioned behind the pectoral major and the serratus anterior muscle. In this type of breast surgery, the implant surface is covered completely by muscle and tissue. This type of breast augmentation procedure is not normally done for cosmetic breast surgery, but is sometimes used for breast reconstructive surgery when implants are utilized, such as the case in some mastectomy patients.

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